Virtual Counseling & Psychotherapy

Perhaps you are ready for change. Maybe you desire to better understand what has occurred in your past. Perhaps you are seeking guidance to help let go of anger, hurt, and fear. No matter the reason, I am here to help you journey into the heart of what ails you so that you can be who you truly are.

Going far beyond the typical “talk therapy” approach, I strive to intuitively attune to the unconscious mechanisms that drive your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Instead of emotionally detached, my way of engaging with you is real, authentic, and one-to-one. My approach is dynamic, uniquely tailored to you, and always oriented toward fostering powerful experiences of healing and transformation. In order to achieve this goal, I focus on four foundational pillars:

Together we will work to create opportunities for deep personal healing and growth by uncovering and honoring your own personal truth. Through the exploration of both what is conscious and also what was previously unconscious, we may encounter images, fantasies, and dreams. We might utilize art, drama, music, poetry, or writing, in an attempt to contact these hidden treasures. The work done in therapy is a mutual, open-ended process. Part of your growth may result from the emerging relationship between the two of us. We are partners bringing everything we have to the task. This experience can be deeply transformative.

If you are ready to get started, give me a call. I look forward to hearing from you.