About Me

When I was a teenager, I began my own therapeutic journey of self-actualization as I navigated through sexual identity exploration and coped with challenging family dynamics. I found the experience with my therapist so rewarding that I later felt called to help others on their journey of healing. Since then, I have been blessed to learn from many inspiring therapists, teachers, mentors, role models, etc., all of whom have contributed to my development and evolution as a person and healer. Interestingly, the concept their teachings have all shared in common is an unwavering commitment to self-love. This is the single most important principle by which I encourage all my clients to live by.

As a gay cis-gendered Caucasian man, I have engaged my own inner work to uncover and better understand both my privilege and otherness. My own personal therapy has helped me in this regard, but so too has advocacy and activism. I passionately fought for marriage equality, FAIR Education Act, as well as the repeals of DOMA, Prop 8, and DADT. Additionally, I have served as board member of the Southbay chapter of PFLAG, provided support groups to adolescents dealing with gender and sexual identity issues at both the Los Angeles LGBT Center and the Southbay LGBTQ Center, served as guest speaker on Daddy Squared podcast, and have published articles on the experiences of same-sex parents for gayswithkids.com. 

In addition to my clinical practice, I have served as supervisor and director in both out-patient and in-patient mental health settings, including drug rehabilitation centers, community clinics, university counseling centers, and K-12 settings throughout the greater Los Angeles area.


While therapy is just one of many healing modalities available, I believe therapy with me may offer an excellent path forward toward healing and transformation. My approach is a synthesis of several evidence-based modalities like cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic, existential, and family systems. My approach emphasizes the interconnection of mind, body, and spirit, as optimal healing and lasting change occur when our efforts are focused on the whole person including biological, psychological, social, and spiritual. 

Always collaborative and strength-based, I work to provide a supportive, non-judgmental and safe space for you to uncover your deeper truths, process your fears and desires, and attain the life you imagine. My way of engaging is genuine, transparent, personalized, and always oriented toward enhancing insight and fostering powerful experiences of healing and transformation. In order to achieve this goal, I focus on four foundational pillars:  

  • Identity – A focus on identity may include assessing your unique personality type and attachment style in order to identify your strengths and underlying needs, which can be leveraged to support the achievement of your goals. Additionally, the use of images, fantasies, dreams and other sources of unconscious material may aid us in uncovering your deeper truths. Example techniques used to explore your identity include the use of art, music, writing exercises, mirror work, inner child work, assigned reading, and various workbooks. 
  • Family Dynamics – A focus on family dynamics may include examining unconscious processes by looking at past experiences in relation to the present. Since our caregivers and/or siblings served as our first attachment figures, examining the relational dynamics in your family as a child can tell us a lot about the types of conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings, and decision-making you tend toward as an adult. It even influences who you are likely to choose as a partner and how you raise your children. By bringing to light the intricacies of this blueprint you will become empowered to adopt  healthier ways of being in relation to yourself and others in the world.
  • Resilience – A focus on resilience may include assessing your daily routines and rhythms as well as the environments in which you work, live and play in order to determine the presence or absence of protective factors. Protective factors are anything that can help foster a sense of safety, security and overall health and well-being. In situations in which resilience is lacking, we may brainstorm tangible actions for you to complete in order to enhance these necessary protective factors. 
  • Future Vision – A focus on future vision is of upmost importance in order to maintain the gains achieved in therapy. As you begin to better understand how the past has impacted your present, you will become empowered to take control of life in the here-and-now so that new paths of growth and development may emerge as you continue to move through the transformation process. Example techniques used to establish a future vision include the use of a vision board, conducting a needs/strength assessment, developing SMART goals, setting intentions, commitment and acceptance, resourcing, and/or supplementary healing practices.

This experience can be deeply transformative. Part of your growth may even stem from the working relationship between the two of us. Similar to two pilots flying a plane, we will bring everything we have to the task, the work we do together being a mutual process.


I work with adults, teens, couples and families who are ready for change. Maybe you desire to better understand what has occurred in your past. Perhaps you are seeking guidance to help let go of anger, hurt, and fear. No matter the reason, I am here to help you overcome and thrive.

Concerns commonly addressed in my work include anxiety, depression, trauma, fear, anger, as well as ADHD, substance use, stress management, identity exploration, and self-improvement. 

For LGBTQIA+ clients: I am a cis-gendered gay man specialized to provide LGBTQIA+ affirmative therapy that supports individuals in taking their rightful place as dignified and loving people in society. LGBTQIA+ affirmative psychotherapy aims to help identify ways in which self-esteem has been damaged due to emotional wounding and negative messaging. You will become equipped with the skills, experiences, and perspectives needed to achieve your most cherished goals, and have lasting meaningful relationships. The ability to have satisfying relationships and engage positively in the community is a common focus of LGBTQIA+ affirmative therapy. I also provide couples therapy for gay men from a non-heteronormative lens meaning that the unique gifts and challenges that come from male-to-male relationships are celebrated and addressed.


The first session with me will include gathering detailed information about your past and current life circumstances leading up to collaboratively constructing treatment goals and answering any of your questions about my practice. My assessment process is very thorough and includes a written summary, which I can provide to you upon request. I also recommend completing an online personality assessment as I find this helps us quickly pinpoint strengths and underlying needs, both of which we can leverage to support the achievement of your goals.


Most people come to therapy seeking a “fix” to resolve one or more concerns arising in their lives. However, it may be useful when working with me to first ask, “Could the presenting issue coming up actually be pointing toward some new realization or awakening?” Sometimes our symptoms are so complex and overwhelming it may be difficult for us to see the opportunity for growth that comes with it. Hindsight is 20/20, right? That is where I can help. Like an experienced diver, I promise to guide my patients on their journey through the tough spots, helping to avoid certain pitfalls so that they can emerge from this process whole, more self-aware, and resilient. As an experienced guide, I will offer you support, understanding and care the whole time as we identify the underlying factors contributing to your initial concerns, uncover blindspots, collaborate in developing more constructive ways of coping, and create a more conscious and fulfilling life. 


Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #99412
California Board of Behavioral Sciences

MA in Clinical Psychology, Antioch University

BA in Theater & Performance Studies, UC Berkeley 

Additional training: post-graduate coursework specializing in depth psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute.